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Vibes Best Selling Dishes


Nasi Lemak

Curry Chicken with Prata

Carbonara Pasta

Pan-Fried Salmon

Kirin Snow Float



Small Bites

Sweet, sour & spicy local salad of yu char kway, taobo, pineapple, cucumber sprinkled with generous portion of peanut bits

10 sticks of local “yakitori” serves with ketupat, onions, cucumber and 2 nostaglic sauces – peanut and pineapple

Thick slice of braised pork belly braised in soy sauce and spice sandwiched with fresh coriander between a steam leaf bun.

Meatless Choice

Vegetarian Pizza

Big Garden Salad

Vegetarian Lagsane

Mushroom Soup

Mushroom Soup

Vegetarian Pesto

Something sweet

Vibes Bar

Fresh Beer-on-tap @ Punggol

Sake / Wine / Soju @ Punggol

Bottled Beer @ Westgate

Bar Bites


Beef Cubes

Truffle Fries

Mid-Joint Wings