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Singa (24 cans)


Singa 240ml (24 cans)


Product Details:
Registered trademark of Field Catering & Supplies Pte. Ltd.
Produced in Thailand.
Non-Alcohol Energy Drink.

Recommended Consumption:
2 Cans per day.
Not suitable for persons suffering from diabetes and for caffeine.
Sensitive individuals, children and pregnant women are advised to limit their consumption of caffeine.

Nutrition Information:

Serving Per Package: 1
Serving Size: 240ml
Per Serving Per 100 ml
Energy                            170 Kcal       68 Kcal
Protein                           0.8g               0.32g
Total Fat                        0g                   0g
Total Carbohydrate     41g                 16.4g
Total Sugar                   41g                 16.4g


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