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You C1000 (24 bottles/30 bottles)


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YOUC 1000 Vitamin Water is a delicious health beverage packed with 1000mg of Vitamin C that supports a healthy lifestyle and will leave you feeling refreshed every day.


Is it true that Vitamin C is a good source of anti-oxidant?

Yes it is. As one of the most crucial nutrients for our body, Vitamin C or antioxidant ascorbic acid helps protect us from the dangers of free radicals that are found in cigarette smoke and polluted air. Vitamin C can also help prevent common lethal diseases such as influenza and heart disease.

How much Vitamin C can I consume in a day?

The recommended maximum intake of vitamin C is 2000mg a day. However, those who smoke, exercise, are under stress or pregnant, may require slightly more.


Strengthens bones and teeth

Contributes to radiant looking skin

Increases Stamina

Accelerates the healing process


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